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Rosie Toomey, LMT - Rosie has been in private practice for over 13 years, worked hand in hand with a chiropractor for 11 yrs. and does corporate chair massage. After graduating from the Louisville School of Massage, she entered their teaching program. Rosie has been teaching advanced techniques and assessment techniques which help determine the approach which will best fit the client and their needs. She continues her educational classes that aid her practice and her clients. Whether it's fibromyalgia, arthritis, trigger points, deep tissue, chronic pain syndromes or the need to relax - your session will be catered too you.

Steffanie Baader, LMT - I indirectly became interested in massage and alternative medicine because of my grandmother when I was a child.  Around the age of ten, my grandmother was diagnosed with Melanoma, a skin cancer that was aggressively trying to take over her body.  After meeting with her doctors she found herself unhappy with her options for treatment and her prognosis.  Wanting more options for treatment she began her journey into the world of natural and alternative medicine.  My grandmother greatly influenced my family due to her strong desire to learn more and because of her I became interested in massage.  I developed an interest in how the body works on a physiological level, as well as how nutrition can greatly effect so many things on so many different levels, and how the smallest changes you make can create such drastic results.  This curiosity carried me through many years of self study.  I spent many years working in health food stores which eventually delivered me to the doors of The Louisville School of Massage.

I have been actively practicing massage since 2005 shortly after graduating from LSM. My studies included an intense training program which consisted of 750 hours including time dedicated to our volunteer practicum and in the Student Clinic.  Due to  my grandmother's influence I meticulously studied anatomy and physiology because I wanted a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon.  I also studied a multitude of dysfunctions and diseases that plague regular people everyday and how to help them with hands-on treatment.  I received an amazing education and have furthered it through the years.  

My massage will always be specific to your needs which can differ session to session.  I have been told by clients that I have a "confident and soothing touch" with the ability to "find the places that hurt quickly."  I can be gentle yet effective or really dig in and eradicate spots of discomfort.  I like to teach my clients how the body works and how changes with stretching or small exercise movements can deliver a lasting massage effect.  I value your time and investment.  Be good to yourself.  You deserve it.

My treatment methods can include:
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Stretching, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki Energy Work

Ronnie HagerLMT - Ronnie takes an art and science approach to massage and body work. He works with the client using all the information they’ve given him before, during, and after the session, taking into account their history, current situation, and body alignment.  Ronnie continually studies different techniques and research to add to his strong foundation in soft tissue pathologies from his Louisville School of Massage education. The artistic part comes into play when standard and advanced techniques are used in an intuitive way to help achieve a client’s individual goal. Even though he works directly with the problem area he respects that the place of pain is not always the source of the problem.

What pulls Ronnie into his vocation is wanting to know more about himself so he can help others do the same.  As a matter of a fact, people just plain fascinate him. That encourages him to continue accelerating his understanding of himself and others.  He believes that only through knowledge and experience can he be successful at improving his focus and intention which is vital in helping others find relief.

Therapeutic Bodywork:  Trigger Point Therapy,  Myofascial Stretching,  Swedish massage,  Active Isolated Stretching

*Sessions are oriented towards the clients needs. Goals can be a general massage for stress reduction, but more often they include multiple techniques focused around one or two areas of tissue impairment with the intention of working out the source of the issue at hand.

* Conferences, Office Visits, & Event Sports Massages are regularly available with advanced notice.  For prices and availability please call 429-5765 and leave a message.  Ronnie enjoys working these different types of events and will get back with you in a timely manner. Thanks!

Current Work:
Stillpoint Wellness Center
Louisville School of Massage Instructor
KY Sports Massage Therapy Team (AMTA)

Graduate - Louisville School of Massage (2010)
KY Licensed Massage Therapist
Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Ron Temple, LMT -  Ron graduated from the Louisville School of Massage in 2010 and has returned to Stillpoint Wellness Center to continue his professional practice. He uses a mix of modalities to tailor each massage to a client's specific needs. He is also involved with the Louisville School of massage as a teaching assistant, student clinic supervisor, and community event supervisor.

7410 New Lagrange Road, 
Suite 201 
Louisville KY 40222
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